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Q&A for the Design and Feasibility study opportunity

We had a brilliant turn out at our walk on the 15th Jan for those interested in tendering for the Design and Feasibility study. Thanks to each of you for joining us on that bright winter’s morning.

One of the Coal Line principle objectives is about catalyzing connections beyond the project itself so we hope the walk provided a useful platform to make new contacts across landscape, engineering, architecture and more. Below is a list of firms represented at the walkor that have expressed an interest in bidding.Should your studio not have the expertise required in all areas of the brief, we are encouraging groups to form and submit an collective expression of interest that cover all the bases required in the feasibility study. Friends of the Peckham Coal Line (FPCL) will not organise groups or accept bids for ‘sections’ of the feasibility.

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The questions below outline those received at the walk on the 15th January and all additional email submissions recieved.The purpose of these questions are to provided further clarity to those aiming to submit a expression of interest bid for the Design and Feasibility study for the Peckham Coal Line.We’re looking forward to seeing what you all come up with on the 29th Jan.
  • Can a firm be part of multiple bids?
  • Do you have ownership maps of the route?
    We have an initial map here. Network Rail are in the process retrieving an access map for us/the appointed team to use.
  • I wondered if there is any site information which can be shared with the teams tendering, such as any CAD drawings of the area?
    We won’t be making any drawings available at the tender stage. We will share all of the assets, sketch-up models and plans we have been using with the appointed team.
  • What is the budget for the Design and Feasibility study?
    The budget breakdown is publically available on our Spacehive page – here we allocated £35,000 for the design feasibility however since then we have received another £16,000 taking the total to £51,000 for the feasibility (inclusive of VAT) – we are looking for competitive bids that demonstrate the teams commitment to the project.
  • Who decides who is appointed?
    FPCL have the ultimate decision. However we will seek advice from all stakeholders including the GLA, Network Rail and Southwark Council. These partners will help us shortlist and be present on the interview panel.
  • Are things like events/workshop to be put into our scope? 
    You will see from our Spacehive budget that we have a small allocation of funds for 3-5 workshops/events that the Friends of the Peckham Coal Line team intend to run in parallel with and in order to support the Design and Feasibility study. We would expect someone from the appointed team to participate in these different sessions so this will need to be costed in accordingly to your bid.
  • We think we need an Engineer and a QS as a minimum in the team but is there any other type of consultant you would like to see involved as well? Or is this something you would like us to decide/advise on in our proposal?
    We’re expecting each bid to propose what the relevant team formation and roles needs to deliver your plan and are open to the shape and skill set proposed so long as our outcomes are met.
  • Is there a broad/strategic timeline for the delivery of the feasibility study, or are you deferring to our proposed schedule of work?
    We would like to understand from respective bidders as to what you see being a realistic time frame for the study given your proposed schedule of work.
  • What are your proposed build times for the project?
    We hope that the Design and Feasibility study will help inform what an appropriate build time for the project would be. We are also open to the project potentially happening in stages rather than all in one go. We also expect the feasibility to investigate a number of options making a case for a preferred option.
  • How will the Coal line fit within the wider strategic development of central Peckham?
    More details can be found in the Appendix of the Design and Feasibility Study brief. If you wanted further information you could refer to the Peckham Vision website.
  • Can we slightly alter our team members proposed in stage one of the submission once selected?
    Yes, so long as it doesn’t significantly impact the proposed schedule of work.
  • It is such a locally based project, will location form part of the selection criteria?
    We want to work with the team who have the most appropriate skills and attitude relevant to driving this project forwards. The criteria specifies experience of working in Southwark and Peckham as desirable, but not essential. 
  • Is there a preference for a local London office (we have local partners) or you would be open to international offices?
    We are open to where the appointed team is based. Of course personal relationships for these types of projects often enable good working relationships, so a London base may better facilitate this.
  • Do you have a business plan?
    We have ideas and many have been shared over the last year. But we’re looking for a firm to help us develop and explore the opportunities there are for the project in the future. We believe the business plan is contingent on the design approach so these need to be thought through as one look at the role of activities in spaces along the route.
  • Have you identified all the key stakeholders/ landowners in the local area? Have they been contacted
    The key landowners are Network Rail and Southwark Council, both of whom we have working relationship with. We are continually building relationships within the local community. With residents, businesses and key local groups as well. It is essential that local stakeholders are part of the process.
  • What’s your relationship with the GLA like?
    The GLA Regeneration team hosted the Spacehive High Street Fund that we participated in. Since receiving £10,000 of support from this fund, we have also be assigned contacts working in Peckham and across South London who are supporting and mentoring us as the project progresses.
  • Do you have contacts at TfL?
    Yes we do.
  • What is your relationship to Network Rail like?
    We have a good working relationship with Network Rail and have been assigned a proactive senior point of contact.
  • What agreement do you have in place with Network Rail? Is this a BAPA to the value of £20,000?
    At the time of writing we have an appointed day-to-day contact at Network Rail allocated to support this project. We also have working relationships with the engineering and assets team. We are in the process of confirming our formal agreements with NR. Since the Spacehive campaign, we have established that a full BAPA agreement is not required at this stage however funds will need to be available in order to access relevant information and surveys
  • Do you have any survey information on the structure from Network Rail?
    We are working with Network Rail to retrieve information, this might include a hidden services plan and Inspection and Assessment reports. However the process of requesting information from NR archives takes time and the historical records may be limited. New surveys may be required as necessary.  
  • Have the PCL team arranged access with Network Rail to survey the site?

    We have not yet organised access to survey the site. This forms part of our ongoing conversation with Network Rail and will take place once we have appointed a team so as to best co-ordinate suitable dates and times.