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Early March Update

What events should we do and can you help us.

We’re back! Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of months but we have been tightening up the administrative nuts and bolts. In January we had had our charity application stamped and approved.

And over the last couple of months we’ve also been working to find the right team to help us carry the project forward and we’ll be able to share this exciting news soon!

We are forever inspired and energised by your support and continue to meet amazing people along the way. Louise and Lesley recently went coal in hand to visit the children at Rye Oak and John Donne schools. The kid’s enthusiasm was infectious and they came away buzzing with ideas.

As the daffodils arrive and spring is in the air we are starting to think of events for the coming months. We’ll be doing more walks and workshops to ensure that the Peckham Coal Line continues to act as a platform for community exchange around which we can connect. We believe that it is only by working together, to build in the elements needed, that can we steer a secure future for todays Peckham residents.

Over the next nine months we’ll be working hard to meet new people. Visiting the schools has been an early part of that process but we’ll be working with the library, churches and other community groups to understand and learn so that our park is created by and reflective of as much of our neighbourhood as possible. We’d love any event ideas or community introductions you might have that could help us best do this. So please continue to get involved.

The PCL team.