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To develop a Design and Feasibility study

Following on from the successful crowdfunding campaign – we have, in collaboration with the key stakeholders and local community groups, created a ‘Design and Feasibility study brief’ that address the key questions that need to be answered in order to progress the Peckham Coal Line forwards. This includes answering some of the big questions of: What will it look like? How much will it cost? How will it work with the existing railway and how will it benefit those who currently live around the route? Finally we need to look at the business case to ensure the Coal Line can support itself going forward.

After some fine-tuning we are excited to announce that the ‘Design and Feasibility Brief’ has now been published (see below). It is open to groups of architects, engineers and landscape designers who are interested in gathering in teams to collaborate on this exciting project that is adopting a grassroots approach to redesigning public space.

This is an important step for the Peckham Coal Line in that it is the first time we are commissioning help to progress the project. We are really excited to open out the opportunity to groups who share our vision and ambition and who have the technical expertise required to satisfy all stakeholders of the project.

You can download the brief document here and more background on the project here.

Deadline for tender submissions: 5pm GMT, Friday 29th January.

This is an open tender process. There will be a walk of the proposed Peckham Coal Line route for those planning to tender for the work. The walk will take place on Friday 15th January 2015, starting at 10am outside Peckham Rye station. We will be taking questions regarding the brief until the end of day on the 15th January. We will then provide a public answer to all questions by the 25th January.

Confirmation of your attendance at the walk, submissions and all enquiries relating to this brief should be made to:

We’ll be sharing more about this stage of the journey on the blog over the coming months.