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Update #7: Stable Yard - the developers perspective

This year has seen changes in ownership for the Stable Yard site, one part of the Coal Line route. It’s not often we get to hear the developers side of the story - but since engaging with Picfare earlier in the year, we’ve built up a more transparent working relationship with them and they’ve just published an update on their plans and how they’ve changed based on local input.

They talk about being proud to have engaged some of the local community over the last few months and have evolved their plans based on initial objections. The new designs have not received any objections from the public – but because of planning policy consent to get delivery underway might be delayed unless some of the original objections are overturned. Whilst Picfare do not object to further scrutiny of the new plans they are concerned about the delay to getting on site and getting started.

In a bid to work collaboratively with Picfare and secure a high-quality landscape that delivers some the charitable aims of the Peckham Coal Line, with links towards the wider vision there is a chance for us to now unblock the planning impasse we effected. Say you are satisfied with the changes here and let’s get the new connections planted. Alternatively - you can send an email to:

Councillor Situ –

Lasma Putrina – Planning Officer –

Suggested draft (copy provided by Picfare):

Dear Councillor Situ / Lasma Putrina

REF: 19/AP/1203

I previously objected to this planning application 19/AP/1203, requesting that the design and material choice be reassessed to create better living conditions for residents that comply with GLA guidelines set out in policy D4 Housing Quality and Standards.

Since my objection, Picfare have worked with the PCL team and local residents to enhance the planning proposal, scheme design, landscaping strategy and approach to community engagement.

As a result, I am in support of the revised scheme.