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Investing in the line

We need you brains… we are thinking about innovative ways for how to raise the money needed to support the delivery of the Coal Line. We will of course be submitting bids for grants and match funding from foundations and public bodies, but this is a community project and we pride ourselves on being innovative. It’s critical the community are part of the planning and strategy to determine how we raise funding too. We want your views about how you’d like to be involved in this process.

Inspired by this recent report, we wanted to get a sense for how those that want to see the project happen and might be able to contribute financially might be able

We have posted a poll short outlining some options about how we raise the first £1million. We’d love to know how you’d like to be involved in this process by filling in this form:

And (very importantly) if you have experience raising funds, we’d love to hear from you too.