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Update #4: Stable yard site

Statement on stable Yard development 39b Consort Road


The discovery of a planning application at 39b Consort Road by Bluecroft Development on the 10th July was a shock. We had five days before the public consultation period closed and we had to collectively act fast to safeguard a public route through the old stable yard site and to preserve the irreplaceable industrial revolution era building that was about to be lost. The neighbourhood response was phenomenal with well over 400 responses in 48 hours.

Your overwhelming heartfelt appeal secured a meeting with Blueroft developers and Southwark Council and over the last eight weeks they have been working through different options and proposals based on your comments and a series of wishes shared by the Peckham Coal Line, these were to:

  • Open up access to Southside (NR arches) to act as a catalyst for better commercial use of the arches in the broader area.
  • Maintain and showcase the original arches.
  • Preserve the Victorian building / warehouse to the east of the site.
  • Create a development that supports mixed uses, which provide social value and local economic multiplier effects – e.g. local jobs and businesses.
  • Safeguard land and access connectivity to enable a future Coal Line extension to Nunhead.
  • Unfettered 24-hour access that provides a public right of way, suitable and accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. 

We welcome working with Bluecroft to achieve these objectives by;

  • Working collaboratively to refresh the design and engage local ideas and perspectives.
  • Being transparent with the public/community about what decisions are taken.
  • If there are opportunities for meanwhile use ahead of construction, we could use this to test and amplify some of the potential future programs.

The revised scheme Bluecroft have since developed, has moved towards these objectives – it would safeguard public walking and cycling routes through the site and preserve the Victorian building but also bring forward some of the key objectives of the Peckham Coal Line that you have helped develop through the public conversations and events held through the feasibility process, specifically around– community, connection, heritage, greening, opportunity and health and wellbeing.

We recognise that Bluecroft and their team have made a concerted effort to incorporate the ambition of the Peckham Coal Line. This hasn’t been without challenges but we have worked hard to towards something that works better for Peckham.

Whilst we acknowledge that not all of the requests from the public have been fully reflected - including requests for more housing, including social housing - the latest proposals will offer more back to the community of Peckham. We are also pleased with the way Bluecroft have committed to strong public engagement to test and refine the revised plans. The public event on the 29th September is an encouraging first step, demonstrating that the views local residents and businesses need to be considered as part of the planning process. We hope this will be a chance for you to share your perspectives on the new scheme as well.

We are excited at the prospect of having a new piece of public space for the neighborhood that we can all use and enjoy. We are realistic that the hard work doesn’t stop here. As with most things, the devil will be in detail of the final designs and how the development is delivered. We look to ensure that Bluecroft will continue to work with people in the community and the Peckham Coal Line as plans progresses.

We’ve sketched a table that compares the different schemes they will be sharing on the 29th September:

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