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September events - Peckham Festival

The Peckham Coal Line has a great set of events planned for Peckham Festival in September- hope to see you there!

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Friday 15th Sept - Fundraising gig

The very first Peckham Coal Line fundraising gig taking place at The Nines is hosted by Zkeletonz ( Purveyors of 'postpop', a new genre in the space between traditional band and DJ sets. Also featuring TRIPTYCH ( South East London trio inspired by the unbounded potential of live electronica. REV ( washed out, psychedelic, unwinding alt-rock from the Old Kent Road and Anna Poppa ( tracing house music’s lineage from disco to deep.

Sign up to the Facebook event for more info.

Saturday 16th Sept - Flag making workshop
What does the Coal Line mean to you and what can it achieve for your community? Create your own Coal Line flag that shows the positive impact of the project and why it is important to you. Add your flag to the giant infographic that will will be paraded along the Coal Line route the following day and be installed at a key point along the way.

Sunday 17th Sept - Coal Line Parade
A celebratory parade along the route of Coal Line with the 100s of flags held aloft as a canopy (hopefully with musical accompaniement!). Interspersed with stops / information at key points along the route of PCL. If you haven't yet joined a walk of the line - this is the one for you. We'll be starting at the Copeland Road entrance to Copeland Park from 2pm. Delicious foraged produce will we available at the end of the route too.