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URGENT the Coal Line is under threat from developers

Last minute planning discovery – The Peckham Coal Line needs your help by Saturday 15th July 2017.


Save the Peckham Coal Line from planning application 17/AP/2287

Following a last minute planning discovery – The Peckham Coal Line needs your help by Saturday 15th July 2017.

We stumbled across a planning application late this evening for 39b Consort Road, SE15 2AA this address is actually a large yard, which if developed as proposed, would have a catastrophic effect on the Peckham Coal Line’s future.

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The proposed Peckham Coal Line route

Developers know we are working towards a park and are scrambling to develop the green spaces along the route before they are protected. Unfortunately ‘Bluecroft Property Development’ recently got hold of a key part of the route. On the site is a fantastic old Victorian stable block. There is a cobbled yard and potential access to some amazing double height rail arches. The developer wants to knock down the Victorian warehouse and stable buildings and build across the yard and green spaces with fancy houses. This is a real tragedy – firstly the buildings should be listed because they are unique, beautiful and part of our shared heritage. Second it blocks off a vital part of the Peckham Coal Line route making it near impossible for the two sides to join up closing off the area to all of us and gating it for a few. Finally it is a really poor use of what could be a fantastic opportunity to integrate the arches, old buildings, surrounding houses and the Spike to make something for everyone.

The stable yard today

The stable yard today​

The Stable Yard was once the site of the ‘Spike Surplus Scheme’ community project – which will be remembered by many long time Peckhamites as a place of community, gardening and culture.

The Spike Surplus Scheme ~2008

Scenes from the Spike Surplus Scheme around 2008

This is a shallow exercise in increasing the value of the land to put it out of the reach of all of us. The New Southwark Plan proposes safeguarding a route through the area for the Coal Line and this development would block it off. It should also be noted that the developer plans only 9 units, which is just below the threshold of 10 whcihwould then have to include affordable housing. The Coal Line option proposes to create jobs, workspaces and a natural community asset.

Please, please help protect the Peckham Coal Line by writing in your objections to this planning application by Saturday 15th July.

Below is a template but please do also use your own words. Only together can we prevent this and save it as a potential space for all of us.

This happens ahead of the Community Launch of the crowdfunded feasibility study as part of the Peckham Festival in September.

The Peckham Coal Line Team.


Or you can email case officer: Lasma Putrina (quoting case 17/AP/2287)


Dear Ms Putrina,

Objection to application 17/AP/2287 at 39b Consort Road

This application should be rejected because it directly controverts Southwark Council's stated desire to see the delivery of the Coal Line public space / park, and the policy currently out for consultation in the New Southwark Plan that all new development in Peckham should support this project. It would be extremely short sighted to allow the potential for the Coal Line's delivery to be destroyed before this policy has had the opportunity to be adopted. Furthermore, this site is extremely characterful and historic, as well as being imbued with memories for many locals. Destroying its built heritage rather than working with it to create something distinctive would be a huge loss to Peckham. Though the buildings are not listed, they should absolutely be considered heritage assets and therefore the proposal also controverts Policy 24 (Heritage) from the PNAAP, which states that the council will:


1. Sustain and enhance the significance of Peckham and Nunhead’s heritage assets, their settings and wider historic environment.

2. Respond to the individual and distinctive character and significance of the assets and their settings, including the conservation areas, listed and locally listed buildings, archaeology and registered parks and gardens.

3. Put heritage assets to viable uses consistent with their conservation. Characterful refurbished workspaces are highly desired. The stables on this site would make excellent workshops/offices/studios with high value, as opposed to new build office space in a difficult location that would very possibly end up empty. In terms of connectivity to Rye Lane, the Coal Line represents a much needed pedestrian link from the Cossall Estate, and the new development on Wood's Road, where access is currently very difficult due to the street network. Preventing the Coal Line from delivering this link would controvert adopted policy 29 (Built Environment) in the PNAAP, requiring "1. Increasing east-west movement through the town centre by creating new pedestrian links and public spaces and improving existing ones." Clearly this is an important site with the potential to deliver much-needed housing for Peckham. Please reject this application and advise the applicant to develop new plans that work with existing plans for the Coal Line, support its delivery (thereby benefiting the value of any future development through proximity to distinctive public space), and make use of the heritage assets on the site to provide highly desired refurbished rather than new workspace.

The developers and architects should make far greater efforts in consulting and integrating their plans with the wider community. The proposed development is totally wrong for the site and for Peckham.

Yours faithfully


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