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Update #6: Stable Yard latest

You might have seen that thanks to your efforts emailing Councillor Situ and writing on the Southwark Council planning portal, combined with 4 meetings with the new owners of the site, Picfare, the plans for the site have come along way.

We believe that thanks to your efforts the design is now a more inclusive, better quality background. Further public engagement and events will take place between now and next spring, during demolition, construction and landscaping. Picfare have also committed to developing the landscaping strategy through co-action. We need to seize these opportunities to ensure this route supports the overall Peckham Coal Line vision and that Picfare are able to successfully develop the scheme in the process.

Specific changes have been made to the designs and plans in response to your energy, these include:

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In addition, further changes have been made, including:

· developing a set of principles to help guide community engagement during the planning and delivery stages;

· a Memorandum of Understanding has been drafted to help shape and manage expectations about the longer term relationship between Picfare and the Peckham Coal Line during and - crucially - after construction;

. recycling more materials from the existing buildings to reduce waste to landfill; and

. Picfare have committed to working in a transparent way, accountable to the local community as well as the planning authority for creating a space that works for the residents of Peckham’s

You can view and comment on the revised plans here before the 10th August and meet the developers as part of Peckham Festival in September.

Once again you have proven that the community can steer development to help it realise benefits for the wider community. You have each helped to make PCL a platform that enables people to engage with these processes and developers.