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Landscaping the Coal Line

We know that the planting & landscaping side of the Peckham Coal Line project is something that’s inspired many of you, including the journalist Tim Richardson who wrote a front cover piece in the Telegraph’s gardening supplement this weekend.

We’ve been excited to hear the many thoughts you’ve had on how the Coal Line should look. From edible gardens and art installations, to swings that look like trains and gym equipment built into the design, we’ve got some good stuff to work with. But what do you think? Drop us a line and let us know.

We envisage the Coal Line landscaping as falling into three natural sections:

Urban – rising above the hustle and bustle of Rye Lane

Open – London-wide views as it soars above Copeland Road

Nature – as it drops down into the well-established Kirkwood Nature Reserve

The planting should be in keeping with these three sections and what’s already growing there, and the park has to look good through all four seasons.

It’s also important to remember that the Coal Line is a path for wildlife as well as for people, linking up green spaces across Peckham.

To keep the ideas alive, we’re really pleased to be sharing the Peckham Coal Line Pinterest board as a place to continue to share our collective visions for what we’d like the Peckham Coal Line to look like and be. It’s just a start though and we need your help, so please follow us, love and repin our pins, and send us any pictures you find inspiring – we’ll add them in.