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End of

the Line


Thank you for your interest and support of the Peckham Coal Line. This project is currently paused. 

The project has been running since 2014 and has been managed by a core team of trustees who live in the local area. Over the last year we, the current trustees, have been going through a process of evaluation and reflection and feel it is time to step down from this stage of the project. 

In the eight years between 2014 and 2022 a huge amount was achieved, including:

- Open House events to showcase the potential linear park

- A successful crowdfunding campaign via Spacehive to raise funds for a feasibility study

- Delivering the feasibility study and proving the scheme is viable

- Securing commitment to the project in Southwark’s local plan

- Developing the first two phases of the PCL – the Stable Yards and the entrance to Kirkwood Nature Reserve

- Running countless events and engaging with all corners of the community.

The project reached a natural evolutionary stage in 2022 when the PCL withdrew from discussions with the Greater London Authority and Southwark Council over the development of the Bidwell Street. This was not a decision reached lightly. A consultant was appointed and agreed in principle by all parties, but following 18 months of meetings and discussions, it was clear that neither authority was committed to releasing funding to support this stage of the project. 

We have examined and set out the lessons learnt over the period from 2014 to 2022 in a Learning Hub . We have packaged up lessons and experience from our work on Bidwell Street alongside other elements of the project to date into a ‘Learning Hub’. We hope our transparency will aid the future delivery of the PCL as well as other community-based projects.  

Thank you to all supporters, friends and crowdfunders who have helped to get PCL to this point. As the feasibility project proved, this project offers huge benefits to all residents and businesses in the local area. The vision for the Peckham Coal Line is not going away and we hope the project continues to receive widespread support. If you are interested being part of the new core team of ‘trustees’/volunteers, please refer to our advice on how to get involved.