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Crowdfunding update

Since we first took the idea of the Peckham Coal Line to the streets we’ve been enthused, encouraged and heartened by the response we’ve received. Thank you.
As you may know, things have now moved on significantly and we are seeking crowdfunding to pay for a feasibility study to tell us how exactly the thing can be built and to hold more events to reach as many people as possible.
We have received pledges exceeding £12,500 from more than 200 people who believe, as we do, that the Coal Line will bring benefits to Peckham in terms of leisure, transport and local business. That’s an incredible response.
But we’re not there yet. We need to raise around another £40,000. This may seem a huge sum but with your help it can be done.
Pledges can be as little or as much as you can spare, whether it’s the cost of a round in the pub or the price of a sandwich. Should you feel inclined to cancel that holiday and chuck in a couple of hundred quid, your status as a philanthropist of the highest order will be assured.
This month we’ve been reaching out beyond the digital, meeting traders and business owners across Peckham. Traders are networking around the project using the opportunity the Coal Line project is already creating to work together and generate custom which is a great early success. We've had a bunch of local businesses show their support too - including the infamous Peckham Multiplex - so it's not just individuals that can show their support.
To donate, whether in cash or in kind, please click the link and just hit the yellow pledge button. Together, it’s possible.
Thanks, as always.
The Peckham Coal Line team