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Part of the beauty of the Peckham Coal Line project is that it has such wide appeal. There are many possibilities for what the connection could become, and many different layers to the project as well.
We've been really excited that so many people have wanted to write about a whole of these different aspects of the project. Sharing different elements of why they like the project.
So here's our first blog of blogs, curating and giving a flavour of the types of things we've read. We hope you'll find something that takes your fancy in among this list:
  • Early in 2015, South London blogger Deserter write about the Beer Line - which has inspired a whole manor of things since.
  • We inspired this first blog from local resident who attended one of the Open House walks in September
  • The RSA were interested in the community angle of the project, read Paul's blog titled 'Building a park, building a community' 
  • If you're more into pictures, check out this photo blog from one of our summer walks along the route
  • Or if you like words and pictures, here's a blog from landscaper Lesley Malone
  • Then the top blogger award has to go to Daisy Harwood who's written a mammoth 3 blogs about the project - exploring the landscaping side of things - one for the Landscape Institute, The Landscape, and on her personal blog
  • Finally the UK Government Future of Cities blog has event carried a piece, exploring the role of citizens shaping shaping developments.
No doubt we've missed some great stuff too, so do send us or tweet us the link to anything you've written.
And if this has inspired you to pen, well type, something for yourself about the Peckham Coal Line - then go for it. We need all help we can get to help spread the word and reach our crowdfunding target before the end of the month!
Image: Creative commons Declan TM Flickr