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Autumn update

We can’t believe that its been a year since the since we collectively reached the crowdfunding target. In March the Friends of the Peckham Coal Line became a charity and we hired a crack team of creative and technical thinkers to help us flesh out what ‘park’ means for Peckham and steer us towards making it real. Many of you have been actively involved in this ongoing process through the summer, feeding in your insights at mapping workshops, walks, planter building events, tea parties and banner making.

The first objective of the Coal Line has always been to create the space for us to connect and through these activities we meet, from all corners of the neigbourhood, around a shared idea. Knowing our neighbours helps strengthen community but it also helps the design team to understand what we value and make sure that this is included – these might be safer routes to schools, spaces to hold fetes or creating affordable workspaces.

With this in mind please take 2 minutes to help us understand what is important to you by filling in your Coal Line story here. This is very important as it will be fed back into the design.

In other news...

Check out some of the snaps from the events in September. And just last weekend some of you are painting planters and we look forward to seeing those starting to find their way along the route in the spring.

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As always if you want to get more involved please get in touch! In the mean time, enjoy the spectacular autumn