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At the Coal Face

The Coal Line needs your input!

Make the case for the Coal Line! we need your help to back up the idea with your knowledge and numbers. Whether online or at a local event complete our ‘Coal Face’ survey and be sure Peckham's new park is driven by you.

Last month we spent some time with years 3-6 at John Donne school exploring their big ideas for what they would love to see on the Peckham Coal Line. There were some really amazing and imaginative ideas that will feed into the feasibility study and future Coal Line activities.

But it’s not just the school kids in Peckham we want to hear from - it’s you too. Normally what happens with a feasibility study is that a dry document gets produced - the recommendations are made, the conclusions just that - concluded - it’s a closed document, written by ‘experts’n and there are few opportunities to feed in or evolve whats found.

But the Coal Line aint no ordinary project - and we want to blow the old way open. Sharing a ‘completed’ report would mean missing out on all the best grassroots knowledge and advice that has made the project so far.

Some of you have already participated - if you came to a mapping workshop, the tea party, attended the walk, been volunteering or filled in the online ‘postcard’. But their are loads of voices we still need to hear from.

The Friends of the Peckham Coal Line are going to be be hitting the streets at some local landmarks across Peckham over the coming weeks - taking the model out and about and capturing your views, stories and thoughts on what the project might mean for you.

Sunday 19th March - Peckham Plex (3.30pm - 6.30pm)
Mon 20th March - Peckham & Nunhead Community Council meeting (6.30-9pm) St Mary’s Road Church
Fri 24th March - Peckham Plex (6pm - 9pm)
Sat 25th March - Peckham Library (11am - 1pm)
Tues 28th March - Peckham Plex (6pm-8.30pm)
Sunday 2nd April - Peckham Square Farmers Market, under the arch (9am-1pm)
Peckham Pulse (date tbc)

But if you only have 5 minutes and digital is more your thing you can answer these questions, tweet or post on facebook.

Or perhaps you’re running an event in Peckham over the coming months and would like to host the Coal Line model with your community, just drop us a line if that’s you.

All of the conversations, comments, drawings and more - will feed into the ideas for the future Coal Line activities and the ‘final’ feasibility study that we hope to share in the coming months. They also help make the case for the project to the powers that be - so get stuck in and share your knowledge at the 'coal face'.