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Adams & Sutherland pitch to Peckham

We are thrilled to announce that a team led by architectural practice Adams & Sutherland will be steering us through the 'Design and Feasibility' process for the Peckham Coal Line. With a proven track record and tenacity of spirit, the team will be working in collaboration with Arup (engineering), Rider Levett Bucknall (cost consultancy), Counterculture Partnership (business planning) and JCLA (landscape/planting design).

During the interview process, we asked them each team to share a 90 second pitch to people in Peckham about their approach to Deasign & Feasibility Study and what it would mean for them. So here's the chosen team's pitch to Peckham:

"The Peckham Coal Line is a brilliant idea: an exciting vision which now needs to be tested. This Feasibility Study is the first stage towards making its realization inevitable, reinforcing ideas with technical clarity and a realistic economic strategy.

We are experienced at transforming unpromising places into spaces that people want to use. Our team brings detailed knowledge about structures and railways, ecology, economics and accessibility,

We already know that the Coal Line will combine infrastructure with poetry and genuine social value. Our study will answer the difficult questions: What is it for?, Who will use it?, Who will look after it?, How much will it cost?

We will unpack the project into components and examine each one, make it beautiful and worthwhile, think about phasing, and then put it back into an exciting and coherent whole which will inspire confidence and encourage funders to invest.

This project is meaningless without local people and we need your input. With the Friends of the Peckham Coal Line we will continue to record your thoughts and will consult you on our progress through the website and community events.

Our approach is to be responsive and open. Responsive: to the qualities of the place and the needs of the community. Open: to the opportunities you already know about and to those that have not yet been discovered, so that, as the area changes, the Coal line becomes everyone’s priority. We will look for ways to reinforce identity.

We will demonstrate how to achieve the vision with hard facts and great ideas to bring people and funding to the project, proving that a community led idea can really work."